Do you need Atlanta water line repair? Is your water bill three to four times higher than usual? Have you spotted a wet, muddy area in your yard, even though it hasn’t been raining? Do you notice a lack of water pressure in our home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to replace your home’s main waterline. If you have noticed any of these issues, chances are the main waterline from the water meter to your home has been compromised. This comes from age, root growth, faulty piping, or even improper initial installation. Often times, the only noticeable thing is an increase in your water bill. Water is not always visible in your yard due to the leak, and pressure issues are even more rare. But when a $35 water bill becomes a $100, or even $500, it’s time to call! Your waterline needs repairing.


Your home’s main waterline extends from your water meter all the way to your home, entering in one of several places: through a crawlspace access, a basement wall, or penetrating up through the concrete slab, depending on how your home is built. The waterline is generally 3/4″ or 1″ in diameter, depending on the size of your home. It can be made of one of several materials: PVC, copper, polybutylene, polyethylene, galvanized steel, or in rare cases, CPVC. Each of these materials presents its own set of pros and cons as a main waterline.

PVC is the common white plastic pipe you are probably familiar with. It offers low costs, coupled with the ease of installation. However, it has a tendency to break with extreme temperature changes. Copper is a very strong and somewhat flexible metal that is a popular and proven material. As a main waterline, it has a long life span and offers the benefit of strength. It is, however, expensive, and in some cases will oxidize in the ground if certain chemicals are present in the soil.


Water bills are already pricey, without the additional cost of water wasted by a waterline break. Plumber Atlanta is the best company in the area and offers plumbing repairs at prices second to none. When seeking services like leak pipe repair, water pipe repair, and even water main repair, you need a trustworthy company with reasonable prices to get the job done effectively. There is no need to call a plumber that breaks the bank when the best plumber in the Atlanta area offers excellent services at reasonable prices.

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Galvanized steel is common as a waterline in much older homes, and as such, has its own set of problems. After a number of years, it rusts heavily, crumbling and eventually rusting through. CPVC is a form of PVC used for hot water applications, and was never truly meant to be installed underground. It will survive, however, for many years without problems. Polybutylene is the blue plastic piping that was installed in millions of homes across the U.S., only to fail extensively and cost its manufacturer billions in class-action lawsuits. Pinholes, breaks, cracks, and complete failures are very common with blue and grey poly. The most commonly understood cause behind its massive failure was an over-sensitivity to the chlorine in our water.

Our water line installation and waterline repair process for our waterlines is an inexpensive, innovative, and often a mess-free way of replacing your current service line. Whenever possible, we use trenchless, rod-boring technology to install your new waterline without digging up your yard. A small access hole at each end of the waterline is often all that’s necessary for your complete installation. Due to some yard layouts or landscaping placements, trenching is often necessary for underground waterline repair. But usually, we will leave your home, waterline installed, and you will never even know we were there. We also use brass fittings at connecting points of your new waterline to ensure strength and longevity, as opposed to plastic fittings commonly found on older lines. This makes the waterline repair last longer, as it is more durable.

The best part is, even with the newest technology, highest quality materials, most experienced technicians, the longest warranty and quickest service, we still manage to maintain the best and most competitive prices for our Atlanta waterline repair service. If you see a price competing with ours, we will match that price or maybe even beat it. Call today for your free estimate.


When it comes to important things like plumbing repair in your home, the most important thing to ensure is that you avoid damage and water waste. You save more money calling an excellent plumbing service to perform your waterline repair than you do by ignoring the problem and letting the water bill slowly rise as a lake forms in your yard. Luckily, Plumber Atlanta offers Atlanta water line repair services at reasonable costs. Their services are trustworthy. Their plumbers are skilled. There is no way to go wrong when calling Plumber Atlanta for all of your plumbing repair needs. You’ll be happy you did!