Atlanta Sinks Faucets


When it comes to faucets, repairs can be a temporary band-aid on a much larger problem, or even an all-around fix, depending on how the faucet is designed. Faucets with cartridges that activate water flow tend to be easier to repair and seem to hold up for a longer time than other types. Some faucets use washers and springs to control the water, and tend to wear faster. No matter what the problem is, we are the solution. With access to THOUSANDS of faucet parts and rebuilding kits, we are your one-stop plumbers for faucet repairs.

Often times, replacing your faucet is the better option. Repair parts only work on faucets that are in good working order and internailly stable. When the faucet itself becomes old or worn to the point being irreparable, it’s time to replace it with a new unit. Sometimes, customers simply want to replace their faucets to update the look of their kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of why, we are your plumbers. After installing your new faucets, we will ensure everything is in proper working order, and that you have all the manufacturer’s warranty information before we leave.