Sewer line repair is gruesome. Often times it is extremely expensive. Other times, the plumbers are not experienced at what they are doing and mess up the sewer line repairs, causing further damage. Here at Plumber Atlanta, we understand the woes of Atlanta sewer line repair and work to alleviate the stress, cost, and damage they inflict on the houses of customers. We want solving plumbing issues to be as easy as possible for families. With our Atlanta sewer line repair service, we will make sure all Atlanta homes have pristine plumbing systems.



In order to understand why Plumber Atlanta is the only place to turn when you need Atlanta sewer line repair, it is important to know a bit about sewer lines. When it comes to single-family homes, only two types of drain systems exist: sewer line systems and septic systems. No matter how a home is built, whether it be over a crawlspace, over a basement, or on a concrete slab, waste water and sewage has to escape one way or another. With septic systems becoming more and more obsolete, sewer systems can be found all across the world, in virtually every type of building. Sewer systems contain the city and county main, along with branch, or service, lines which extend to houses and businesses. Houses, along with multi-family apartment complexes, use fairly standard sewer construction in order to facilitate the disposal of sewage and waste water. All sewer lines drain from the home tie together before they leave the structure, eventually converging into a 4″ main line. This main sewer line travels underground, ranging from 18″ deep at the home all the way up to 25′ or more at the tap.

Sewer line repair is a tricky business. Sewer lines can be constructed of several different types of materials and fittings. Sewer line repair tends to vary depending on what type of material is used.  PVC, or poly-vinyl chloride, is the most commonly used material today. This pipe offers great strength, easy installation, and cheap production costs. Reaching and exceeding 60 years, it also has a long life span. PVC was not always the standard choice for sewer line construction, however. Years ago, terracotta, a type of clay, was commonly used for sewer piping. While popular, it was inherently weak and was susceptible to crushing, cracking, and root penetration. Cast iron sewer lines were used shortly after terracotta, and while it offered a heavy increase in strength, cast iron was time-consuming to connect, while also being weak against rust problems. Root problems also became an issue, as the decaying cast iron allowed for easy access for trees needing water. Due to these trials, PVC has now become the commonplace material for sewer lines, and thus had an excellent track record.

Atlanta sewer line repair can be necessary for a number of reasons. Roots, separations, breaks, and rusting are all common issues. When it comes time for your line for sewer line repair or replacement, the exact location of the problem must first be found and then marked. We do this by using the latest technology in drain cameras and locating electronics. Once the trouble spot is located, the necessary sewer line repair can be made. A simple sewer line repair can include digging up the spot, removing the damaged section of sewer line and replacing it with a new section of PVC pipe and adapters. More extensive problems may lead to the necessity of a sewer line replacement, in which your entire line from house to street is removed and replaced. This type of work is obviously a little more expensive, but it ensures that you will have no future problems with your sewer system outside of the home. We perform sewer repair and sewer line repair and replace anywhere from 5-10 sewer lines each week, so there is nothing we have not seen. Our sewer line technicians are incredibly experienced, professional, and efficient. We perform any and all sewer line work with minimal damage to your yard and landscaping. We also bring your outdated sewer line up to the new code standards that are in place.

We offer a wide array of services including trenchless sewer repair, sewer line cleaning, sewer pipe repair, sewer replacement, and other sewer repair services. Our costs are reasonable, especially our sewer cleanout cost. Call to get a sewer line replacement cost estimate. Plumber Atlanta offers a wide array of plumbing services at reasonable costs. Plumbers at Plumber Atlanta are skilled at what they do and have the customer’s best interest at heart. Our sewer repair contractors are excellent at what they do. They repair sewers meticulously, ensuring that no damage is made in the future due to human error. When speaking to a sewer repair contractor, you will be amazed by how much they know about their subject. Sewer line repairs are tricky, but our contractors are prepared for whatever could be hurled their way in the sewer line repair field.

Whether your sewer lines need cleaning, repairing, or replacing, Plumber Atlanta is the answer to all of your plumbing service needs. We have been in business for over 25 years. During these 25 years, we have picked up skills and perfected the craft. There is no other plumbing service like ours. We are uniquely skilled and passionate about helping our customers. Our interest is not walking away with check in hand. However, our interest is walking away leaving a smile on the faces of the families we have helped. Our ultimate goal is to perfect every plumbing system in the Atlanta area, minimizing damages and costs for our customers.

Next time you notice your sewer needing a little makeover, give us a call. We work well with your schedule to find the most convenient times possible. We make prices reasonable to pay. Here at Plumber Atlanta, we are on your side. Whenever you need Atlanta sewer line repair, you know who to turn to.