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Tub Repair & Shower Repair

Atlanta Tub Repair and Shower Repair

Your tub or shower is always the largest fixture in your home’s bathrooms. Available as a tub-only unit (such as old claw-foot styles or garden tubs), tub and shower combos, or shower-only assemblies, tub and shower options are almost unlimited when it comes to replacing or upgrading. Whether you are just replacing an older tub or shower or remodeling the entire bathroom, call us to make it happen!

Stand-alone showers are becoming very popular, often sitting next to a stand-alone tub unit. Showers can be composed of a fiberglass one- or multi-piece build, tile, acrylic, or stone. They are enclosed on one open side by either a curtain or a door, either swinging or sliding.

The showers can be small (4′ x4′) or very large depending on customer requests. We have personally built showers in the 8′ x 8′ size, with multiple sprayers and showerheads. Whatever your tub and shower needs are, whether your valve needs repaired or your entire assembly needs replaced, we are the guys to call!

Stand-alone tubs are making a comeback in today’s contemporary home designs. Solitary tubs offer a unique style and old-world quality, as well as being very functional. Claw-foot tubs are the simple, cast iron style with externally mounted faucets and drain pieces. They generally sit away from other fixtures in the bathroom. They sometimes have removable shower assemblies mounted to their rims to transform the tub into a shower with a wrap-around curtain and showerhead. They can get very expensive, are very heavy, and must be installed carefully in order to ensure proper water and drain function. This is due to the fact that the hot and cold waterlines and drain lines jut straight up from the floor at one end of the tub, and are not mounted to anything EXCEPT the tub. Jacuzzi, whirplools, and garden tubs are also popular where space permits, and offer a large basin often accompanied by water jets. People who invest in the garden tubs alsways realize the return. Not only from the enjoyment, but from the investment as well.

Tub and shower combos are perhaps the most common type of fixture in this category, being present in over 90% of all homes across the country. Comprised of three walls and a tub, they have an open front to step in and out, with the shower valve located at one end on the wall, about waist-height. Multi-piece, one-piece, tiled, sheet rocked, and even stone tub and shower combos are available. Tub and shower combos combine the two fixtures, and as such, save some space in your bathroom.