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Slab Leak Repair

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Slab Leak Repair

Old homes often require slab leak repair. Homes that are built over a single, thick concrete slab generally have their main plumbing systems located underneath the concrete. This can average anywhere from 4″ to 8″ thick. Usually, a thick plastic sheet lies between the concrete slab and the drain and water lines. There is also a wire mesh support layer lying here. The water piping is buried to a depth of around a foot, with the drain lines being located closer to the surface.

Best Atlanta Slab Leak Detection and Repair

No matter what type of water piping lies under your slab, breaks and leaks can occur. Because the water lines are located under the concrete, most of the time the leak goes unnoticed until the water bill arrives and is double or triple the amount it should be. At this point, you need to let us perform our leak detection services. Once the location of the leak has been determined, the concrete will have to be removed, either by jack hammering or cutting. This is after the flooring has been removed, of course. Then the exposed section of the ground must now be excavated to expose the piping. The damaged section of pipe can then be repaired, wrapped to shield the pipe from rocks or gravel, and the hole filled in. The hole in the concrete is then repaired, and smoothed flush with the surrounding floor. Your choice of flooring repair after slab leak repair is then up to you.

Repairing water and drain lines underneath a concrete slab foundation is very similar to the process above, except that more concrete and soil/mud must be removed in most cases. After running a camera down the drain line to locate the position of the problem, the location is marked. Then the process as described above, begins. Both types of repairs carry our 12-month warranty, and in most cases, are partially covered by home insurance. If you need slab leak repair, give our contractors a call today.