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Plumber Atlanta is here to offer ejector pump installation to those struggling with sewage backup. Have you ever experienced sewage that backs up or just won’t flush? We all have. It is an inconvenience that wastes precious time and money. We all already know how much frustration and property damage it can cause. Even the smallest amount of sewage leak in your home can cause thousands of dollars in damages, as well as hazardous mold and mildew growth. Imagine coming home to a basement filled knee-high with murky water.


Not only is this a huge inconvenience, it is a mess you are unable to clean up on your own. Leaving this mess until you have time to call the plumber allows the water to damage everything in your basement, from your walls to your flooring and everything in between. The smell will carry through your entire house, and the water might even seep up the walls and into the rest of your house, causing further damage.

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Repairing the damage caused by sewage requires a lot of expensive help from a lot of different specialists. It is a huge inconvenience and sometimes requires people to be removed from their homes. Here at Plumber Atlanta, we do not want this to be your fate. We do not want you to have to pack up your family and move into a hotel for days on end while we contemplate how to solve the problem. We want you to have pristine plumbing systems in your beautiful Atlanta homes, and we want you to have this with minimal inconvenience and damage.

Most homes rely on gravity to discharge waste. This sometimes does not provide the amount of force necessary to avoid sewage backups. When gravity doesn’t provide enough force to move sewage through, ejector pumps are generally considered the best safeguard against backup.

At Plumber Atlanta, home owners rely on us to specialize in and frequently perform ejector pump installations, in addition to maintenance and repairs. Our plumbers have been trained extensively to have the best skills and craftsmanship you will find. We are passionate about helping out customers perfect their plumbing systems. You having plumbing issues is not what we desire. We do not want your sewage to back up constantly. Rest assured that an experienced plumber on our staff will complete your installation or repair without a hitch. We perform installations quickly and carefully so that you can get back to your regularly scheduled lives in no time.

We recommend installing ejector pumps to save money and time in the long run. Think about the amount of time in your life you have spent unclogging a toilet, or avoiding things you need to do because your sewage is backed up. You could save all of that time, money, and inconvenience by investing in an ejector pump. We try our best to make these installations easily accomplished by offering excellent prices and ejector pump installation services.

Not only our experience, but our relationships with manufacturers allow us to offer unbeatable prices on a wide variety of ejector pumps, including:


  • Zoeller Ejector Pumps
  • Jet Pump Ejectors
  • Myers Ejector Pumps
  • Little Giant Ejector Pump
  • Hydromatic Ejector Pumps
  • Grinder Pump
  • Zoeller Sump Pumps


The first step to improving your sewage system is having an inspection. An inspection will allow us to decide if you need an ejector pump or not, and also what type of ejector pump is right for you. Each one is different, so this inspection is vital to attaining the perfectly matching pump for your sewage system. As soon as we have surveyed your home’s construction and environment, we will recommend the best solution to prevent any and all backup. Sometimes, it is best to have both a Zoellar sump pump and an ejector pump. Sometimes, a sewage grinder pump is the right choice. Other times, sewage ejector pumps are okay to use. It all depends on your house.

After choosing the right pump, we will come install it for you. The installation process is relatively simple, especially when carried out by the skilled, practiced hands of Plumber Atlanta plumbers. After having your pumps installed, you might want to have a post-installation inspection to make sure everything is running smoothly. Pump malfunction tends to flood basements, and this is a disaster most of us wish to avoid. Post-installation inspections provide peace of mind to homeowners worried that their pumps might be malfunctioning or might malfunction in the future.

Plumber Atlanta provides a wide array of ejector pump services to customers. Each home is different and each home is filled with different families, so it only makes sense that homes require pumps that are tailored to their house construction and lifestyle. At Plumber Atlanta, we do our best to match families with the perfect combination of pumps. We will make sure that your ejector pumps bring you minimal strife. We are passionate about your plumbing system running smoothly, and we wish to ensure you never worry about your sewage blocking up after installation of any type of sewage pump.

Plumbing disaster often strikes at the worst times. We don’t want this to happen to you. Whether you have already suffered the misfortune of backed up sewage or just want to make sure you never have to wade through knee deep nasty water in your basement, we at Plumber Atlanta are here to perfect your plumbing system with our ejector pump installation and make sure that no damage is ever inflicted upon your home by backed up sewage.


Plumber Atlanta offers fast reliable plumbing and water line installation service metro Atlanta 24/7. When you invite one of our licensed and insured Atlanta plumbers into your home, you will find they will always be on-time and will give your home the respect it deserves. Quick, 24-hour plumber repair service When you work with Atlanta Plumber, our plumbing repair service will take care of you. With our professional Atlanta plumbers you can expect:

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